What’s THE GOAL OF Social Media?

There will be a lot of discuss SOCIAL NETWORKING nowadays. If you’re watching the buzz, it would appear that some individuals think that it alone will save the world. Some people believe social media tools helped get our new president elected by spreading his brand message of hope and change. With that said, I want to explore somethings about it I think you might find helpful. It’s defined as an accumulation of online tools and sites that function on the premise that individuals are thinking about speaking with and engaging with other people. When managed properly, this new paradigm can help add value to your brand.

Social press can help strengthen your brand, but it cannot create your brand. You create your brand. All Facebook, tweets, and their ilk can do, is help spread your brand message. BTW, according to Dr. Ben Mack, your brand, is not your logo design or your color palette. Your brand is that about you that makes people need it from you.

Your logo and your color palette can transform, but whatever makes people need it from you will and really should not change. You can go into a web 2 2.0 tool, and search to see what people are discussing. Once you know that, you’ll be able to join the discussion about the topic. There are also out about events, great restaurants, things to do, and places to see. An excellent tool for exploring current events is twitter. If you wish to try to get a concept for what folks are discussing, head to the twitter search tool, and enter a keyword. For example, enter the keyword “wordpress” with no quotes.

What you’ll see is a genuine time give food to of posts from people keying in the keyword “wordpress” on twitter. You’ll also reach see what they are discussing. When used properly, sociable mass media tools can drive a lot of traffic to your website. Social bookmarking tools, interpersonal profile sites, interpersonal video sites etc. can help drive more pre-qualified and interested people to your site.

Putting links in these different outlets can go a long way in creating links back again to your site, which could help your position browsing engine results. All you have to do, is figure out how to get in front of the social people that are looking for what you are offering.

Extending your audience and increasing your customer foundation. Social media tools may help you increase your audience and broaden your customer foundation in the sense that you can drive people to your site. You can also bring your message out to people that perhaps wouldn’t normally have seen or have been subjected to your message. Every business needs customers to survive, you have those customers once, you need to either sell more to these same customers or acquire more of them. Social media marketing tools can bring one to where your customers are. You’ll find your customers and engage them, rather than waiting for your customers to find you and come to you.

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