Long before I used to be a specialist Long Arm Quilter I had been a machine of some very fabulous bags. Today I’ve a tale for you. If you are in a rush that is fine, just scroll through the pictures. I get asked all the time why I don’t take orders for Camp Follower Bags anymore. Not too long ago I got chased down in the commissary by a female having one of my bags that I made 9 years ago.

She was shouting “Your Tia!!!” I am Indeed. Wow, which makes my heart sing. I understand many of you did not know me during the times of Flickr so you might be unfamiliar with my Bags. Camp Follower Bags Blog if you like. Each handbag was unique. I think at my height of popularity I had been making 12 very different type bags, which I had designed and created a pattern for. It had been very difficult to maintain with demand beside me making them just, but I hung set for quite a while.

My designs were being knocked off right and still left. It was so unfortunate to see something I worked well so difficult at being snatched away. I couldn’t possibly sew for everybody. People would email me furious at my price point. Enraged I used to be charging for a product that had taken from 8 to 16 hours to make. First I put to determine what your client wished, what fabric to use with their uniforms, deconstruct the uniforms and create something totally custom then, beautiful and in most cases reversible.

That’s a high order but I did it for hundreds of bags. And it was done by me with a pleased heart. Well, not only did I make bags for service members who have been alive and well, I also made the bags for the fallen soldiers’ family members if they asked me to.

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I didn’t charge for them because I sensed it would be wrong. I used to be honored to take action. I did sew it with love. Well, The Hero bags, as I called them is what ended up making my whole business to come to an exhausted halt. Towards the end I started getting requests for Hero Bags from women whose husbands weren’t dead whatsoever.

Heck a few of the ladies experienced nothing whatsoever to do with the military, they just desired a free of charge handbag. These people obviously had no clue what’s was preferred to get the decision or visit that could send your world crashing or even to see a friend break. I suppose they were heading to utilize it as a talking piece? I have no hint why they would want one Honestly.

My market was as market as they come. It broke off a chunk of my center when I got a request after request that ended up being false. I was done just. I changed lanes from making awesome quilted bags to quilting awesome quilts. I simply want you all to know why I stop.