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With the vacation season is arriving to an end soon, I thought that post would be great for those who have trouble keeping eyeliner where it belongs–on your eyes! Keep reading to see my tips for long-lasting eyeliner! Giving time for the eyeliner to create. This sounds kind of apparent but gel, pencil, and liquid all have different environment times. I find that liquid dries the quickest on me, next is the gel, and pencil will take the longest. Unless you give it plenty of time to set and you blink, you can get some awful transferring so be patient! On my eyes, liquid liner appears to last the longest and wear the best.

My favorite water liner is Kat Von D’s Poetica Liner in Trooper. Putting a bit of a matching eyeshadow on top. I usually do that when I’m using gel or pencil liner because it will absorb any extra oils on my lids or from the merchandise so the liner is less inclined to smudge. Any ol’ black, crimson, green etc. eyeshadow shall do! Eye primer. Even though I’m just putting on liner or nothing on my eyes, I love using eye primer to avoid my oily eyelids from moving away from control.

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Oils break down makeup so using something to prevent the natural oils from developing or accumulating in the first place will help prolong your makeup! On your day Eyeshadow Primer My favorite primer ever is the Wet N Wild Taken. It’s cheap yet effective, so that makes it a winner in my book!

I’ve also used the Urban Decay primer and I get mixed results with that. I much prefer the Wet N Wild over the Urban Decay. 3, you can dust particles a little of that person-natural powder or translucent natural powder on your lids before you apply your liner to absorb excess essential oil.

You can also use a bit of a translucent natural powder after your liner to avoid oils from forming. Eye Seal. This is a more recent product to me, but there are products out there that will help extend your liner. MakeupForever makes something called the Aqua Seal that can turn powder products into resilient makeup. ELF also makes a cheaper substitute called the Makeup Lock & Seal.

I’ve used the ELF version and am happy with how it long term my liner and eye shadow! So these are just some of my techniques for long-lasting eyeliner! If you know of any more or use yourself, please let me know! I really like learning new makeup tips and I’m sure others would like to hear them too. Countdown to New Years: 4 hours and quarter-hour! Disclosure Statement: All products described were purchased with my very own money. I am not sponsored by the companies mentioned above and had not been paid out for this post. All opinions are my very own. Links are not affiliate links and are provided for the visitors’ convenience.