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Didn’t find out about the byop option, however the free minutes from those codes are great! Any kind of tracfone mobile phones you think are like comparable to high-tech modern mobile phones like galaxy s4 kinda? 4 in on the byop? Can anyone inform me why some Android phones say they won’t work in certain areas?

I’m thinking about improving from the ZTE Valet, so when I search my zip code, none of them of the new phones appear. It even says the Valet won’t work in my zip code, but I’m presently using one. I live in a sizeable city, too. If I buy one of the new ones, does it work?

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Can someone inform me how to add Promo Codes to the UMX maximum pro? You don’t add promo rules to these devices itself- you fill it in when you are adding the minutes thru your online account. At the final end of the proper execution there’s a question requesting “do you have any promo rules? ” I simply added it there and BAM got a few extra minutes.

I now have a Trac flip telephone and would like to change to a Trac smart phone, but having difficultly finding a store locally that has cell phones that do NOT need a plan. What will be a good phone that I could do that with? I’m having an extremely hard time looking to get internet service, and cannot seem to find any given information anywhere.

Doesn’t it automatically work for internet? They certainly managed to get sound like it does. I don’t possess the passwords for just about any of them, so I haven’t any online sites still. Can anyone tell me a tracfone model that’s not a smartphone that will display the sending and getting texts on a single screen?

I have one that displays the written text messages on individual screens and I can’t stand not being able to see the whole conversation on one screen. Did a remedy is got by you? I can talk to? To get data working on the QVC tracfone once your home page is there,put your finger up top and swipe down. Why do I have to redeem a code to get messenger for Facebook ? When I make an effort to to place one in, it tells me NO INTERNET is had by me !