Personal Security Detail (PSD) Team Member , Afghanistan

The Personal Security Detail (PSD) Team Member is accountable for the personal safety of this program Manager and/or the designated Principals under the direction of the PSD Lead Supervisor. The PSD Team Member will observe security methods to effectively ensure mission conformity PSD. The PSD Team Member shall assist in the introduction of PSD policies, techniques, and recommendations to ensure mission-required performance.

Performs personnel protecting service detail assignments as they pertain to designated programs. In charge of safe operations of designated PSD transport to ensure principals basic safety, to add mobile, air, and static venue operations. Utilize special weaponry and techniques to ensure objective success. Conducts protective formation positions daily. Conducts advanced security reconnaissance of projected routes. Conducts static security projects when aiming.

Preclude behavior that would reflect badly on program management, DynCorp International, the Department of Defense, or the national Federal government of a designated country. Presents a professional and clean appearance. Other duties deemed necessary by management. In-depth understanding of the Company’s PSD security methods and plans. Ability to carry out both static and mobile security and PSD operations. Technical and tactical proficiency with the many small arms found in support of company operations.

Knowledge and understanding of individual and group power protection. Capability to operate motor vehicles of various weights in a tactical manner both on and off-road. Must show creative problem resolving skills and the capability to work separately or as part of a team similarly well. Will need to have an English vocabulary profile of …

Does The Fitbit Charge 2 Accurately Measure Heart Rate?

Researchers in Italy and the UK, not too long ago studied the accuracy of the Fitbit Charge 2 fitness tracker in measuring heart charge. The worldwide market for fitness trackers is booming. In response to the research firm IDC, over a hundred million trackers have been offered in 2016 alone. These units not solely attraction to critical and recreational athletes; medical researchers have also begun using trackers to assist in their study of areas as diverse as exercise, metabolism, neurology, asthma, and most cancers. One in every of the important thing measures that a fitness tracker must report is heart charge, which is measured in beats per minute (bpm).

Heart charge is just not only a necessary indicator of exercise intensity but additionally of how sleep, stress, illness, and the remedy can affect the physique. Each participant rode a stationary bike, with instructions to raise their heart charge to as excessive a degree as potential. They had been free to decelerate and rest at any time, because the aim of the examine was to measure the heart charge accuracy of the Fitbit Charge 2, not coaching technique or effectiveness.

Each participant wore a Fitbit Charge 2 on their non-dominant wrist, while at the same time, they have been additionally hooked up to a precise clinical measuring system, the ProComp Infiniti T7500M, which was acted as the control on this study. Heart rate was measured on each device for ten minutes, and the results were in contrast. The research confirmed that …

Do They Need To Register?

Can I convey a good friend or household member to the seminar? Do they should register? Whether your family or good friend is occupied with the program themselves or attending to your assist, we welcome them. Please, register all guests who will probably be attending. We respectfully request that youngsters remain at home. Where ought to I park? I’m unable to attend the seminar I have registered for.

Do I need to cancel my reservation? It is not necessary to cancel your reservation. Please, sign up for one more date when you find yourself ready to reschedule. Am I a candidate for weight loss surgery? Please, visit our webpage to reply to this query. Details are discussed throughout the seminar. Is attending a seminar mandatory?

Yes, attending a seminar is an obligatory a part of the Weight Loss and Metabolic Surgery Program at Anne Arundel Medical Center. Will the seminar be canceled for inclement weather? If the seminar is canceled for an unforeseen circumstance, an email is shipped to registrants previous to the event. Who can I contact if I’ve questions?

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You should always be aware of well being features particularly went lowering carbohydrates, however you should also make it possible for the eating regimen you’re contemplating might really match into your life-style. Everyone who needs to lose fats wants to lose it as rapidly as doable. While fast loss …

Smartwatches, Fitness Trackers & Wearable Technology

Today, Misfit’s focus is completely on smartwatches which can be designed to fit seamlessly into your life and help keep you related, on high, and in fashion, wherever life takes you. Ring your (briefly misplaced) cellphones, obtain smartphone notifications, track your exercise and sleep, snap a selfie, and so far more, proper from your wrist. Our smartwatches are here to streamline your everyday life so you possibly can focus on what issues and make the most of your time.

On the lookout for all the power and connectivity of a modern smartwatch however the sleek, iconic model of a traditional analog watch? We’ve got you with our Hybrid Smartwatch assortment, which collectively deliver the best of each world. … properly, know what time it’s. If you’re searching for something with somewhat more tech but nonetheless quite a lot of fashion, Misfit Vapor 2 might be the fitting fit.

Powered by Wear OS by Google, Vapor 2 provides customers with an elevated smartwatch expertise boasting new features similar to two completely different size choices, new & improved heart fee tracking, standalone GPS, and NFC help. When Misfit first launched we discovered very quickly at all that athletes weren’t the one ones occupied with fitness wearables.

Staying on high of fitness objectives, no matter age or fitness level was and remains essential to a lot of people—at all levels of life. From school teachers to accountants and students to grandmothers, getting “their steps in” grew to become a tangible objective with the …

Busted! 3 Myths About Weight Loss

We’ve all been there, position before a mirror or in a store dressing room or in front of our closet, wondering why the weight just won’t disappear completely. Well buckle up folks, because what I’m about to say is gonna turn everything you’ve ever considered weight loss upside down!

1: EASILY eat what I must say i want I’ll put on weight. The problem is that people have no idea what we wish really. We consume when we’re sad, anxious, upset, lonely, frustrated, and bored. We want something that seems better, but it’s not clear what that is or whether it’s even possible for us -so we consume. We eat when we’re hungry so when we’re not starving at all. In truth, most of us no longer allow ourselves to even feel hungry. We’ve lost touch with what really, truly feels good to our authentic Self and to our body. So what to do?

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Try this: the next time you want to eat something, move beyond your mouth area and instead, drop down into your tummy to feel what’s really true for you. Your tummy is a far better judge of hunger and the kind of food that could really feel good than your mouth will ever be. Your mouth chases bright, sparkly objects relentlessly. It’s …

Way To Be Healthy

What is Omega 3 and just why it’s important? Omega 3 acids are essential fatty acids necessary for keeping the physical body healthy. It really is a combination of three fats ALA, EPA, and DHA. It is not produced in the body and you will find it in certain food items. Egg oil, algal oil, squid oil, krill seafood, and oil contain omega 3 essential fatty acids.

Omega 3 is located good for the human health, which research has demonstrated during the last decade. Many researches show its benefits and considered it useful for reducing inflammation. It can help to fight chronic conditions such as coronary disease also, cancer and arthritis. It even plays a part in weight loss.

A new research added that omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are vital for your well being and helps to keep you away from severe center diseases. It plays a key role in safeguarding the rhythm of your center. Fatty Fish is a good way to obtain omega-3 essential fatty acids and is center friendly.

Flaxseeds and walnuts are high in omega 3. To increase your omega 3 intake, it is beneficial to eat seafood like scallops highly, tuna, salmon, and halibut. Omega-3 essential fatty acids help reduce triglycerides, BP, clotting of blood, increase immunity as well as enhance the symptoms of arthritis. In kids it highly boosts their learning ability. Omega 3 fatty acid diet helps to keep the heart healthy and can be easily obtained through certain diet. According to …

The Assorted Reasons Of Weight Loss

Weight loss is mostly regarded because the reduction of the overall physique mass in addition to quantity because of the loss of adipose tissue or lack of the body fluid or physique fat. Basically, this time period is associated with the physical or well being associated issues of the physique. Around one-third of the total weight loss circumstances lodged are as a result of quite common and fatal illness named cancer.

Sometimes, individuals having AIDS endure from excessive weight discount. The most common noncancerous cause for weight loss is Gastro intestinal disorders which embody diarrhea, gastritis, and plenty of extra-GI situations. Congestive coronary heart failure may result in unexplained slimming. Connective tissue illness in addition to pulmonary diseases can also lead to loss of weight. Some individuals additionally complain about unidentified reasons for weight loss because of the unwanted side effects of sure medications. In the present day scenario folks stay hectic lives, which results in stress. You will need to keep in mind that one of the very powerful causes behind weight reduction is stress.

Everyone needs carbohydrates to make sure that their health to perform correctly. They provide lengthy-term power to contend in lots of sports activities, so keep away from slicing them down if you are incredibly lively. In case you have a purpose to lose six pounds in one 7 days, then you might be principally going to should be a vegan for seven days. As being a vegan implies that you cannot devour beef or …

Why It Happens And YOU SKILL

FTC Disclosure: If you make a purchase with a link on this website, I may receive a little commission. You will see no added cost to you. There is a particular connection between hair and diabetes loss. Some women are not even aware that they have the problem and a loss of hair can be one of the first signs. With this page I’ll have a look at the symptoms of diabetes, why it causes hair thinning, and how to proceed if it’s influencing you. NOTE: These details are provided for assistance purposes only and should not be observed as medical advice. You should discuss ANY concerns about your health with a qualified medical professional.

Could Your HAIR THINNING Be a Sign of Diabetes? According to recent figures, 24% of diabetes cases go undiagnosed. Data from the National Diabetes Statistics Report 2014 demonstrates there are 29.1 million Americans with diabetes – but only 21 million people know about it. There are lots of different reasons that diabetes causes hair loss, which I cover later in this specific article. Insulin resistance is a precursor to pre-diabetes and BOTH conditions are precursors to type 2 diabetes. When insulin levels in the body remain sufficiently high over an extended period of time, the body’s level of sensitivity to the hormone starts to decline. That is called insulin resistance.

A difficult condition to reverse, the insulin level of resistance causes symptoms that include high blood circulation pressure, lethargy, and hunger. It’s a ‘vicious circle’, …

Do Fitness Trackers Make Us Fitter?

Common sense suggests that fitness trackers should be helpful to our health. But in relation to health, common sense and the evidence lead in different directions. Remember when we all thought low-fats diets had been the option to go? Or that prime-cholesterol foods have been a no-no? Because employers are made up of individuals (duh), they, too, can soar the gun on the subject of encouraging employees to have interaction in behaviors presumed to be wholesome.

Indeed, my very personal organization may be guilty of this sin. As part of our wellness program, the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation has adopted a software platform that encourages workers to hyperlink their fitness trackers directly to a web portal. That method, their Fitbits will robotically report their daily actions, which can earn them a cash reward at yr-end. Meanwhile, these OMRFers without trackers must manually enter their workouts to qualify. OMRF is removed from alone in encouraging the use of those units. Indeed, firms like BP, Time Warner, Bank of America and IBM have begun giving Fitbits to workers. The hope is that the devices will enhance employees’ total health and fitness ranges, leading to higher office productiveness, fewer absences and diminished health care prices.

Does taking a shot of vinegar before going to bed assist you to drop pounds? Raw apple cider vinegar may also help speed up your metabolism, which in turn can show you how to shed some pounds. However, you have to drink a whole lot of water to …

2 Day Slim Down

Your well being is far too important and you must respect it. Long term weight loss is a superb plan but gradual and slow should be the identify of the game. However, for these final minute panics, these tips will work. The primary day of your plan ought to be a juice solely day. This implies both pure water with a squeeze of lemon or some house made unsweetened fruit or vegetable juices. The latter will assist to offer you some key nutrients to keep you going.

A day drinking simply juices are not going to cause most people any health issues but it surely is definitely not suitable for these who’s pregnant, already underweight, or have any existing well being problems reminiscent of diabetes, coronary heart disease or kidney problems. When making vegetable and fruit juices, strive to make use of organic produce where doable.

Always wash the gadgets fastidiously earlier than preparation. This is particularly vital if you can not afford organic as you need to do away with as a lot of the preservatives as possible. When utilizing celery and other root vegetables include the stalks and leaves in the juice as a number of the nutrients are contained right here. If not using organic, it is best to remove the roots, stalks, and leaves and dispose of them. Try combining carrots and apples or raspberry and peach. Just juice sufficient for one serving and drink instantly as the nutrients start to disappear in a short time.…