13 Expert-Approved Ways To Work Glycolic Acid INTO THE Skin-Care Routine 1

13 Expert-Approved Ways To Work Glycolic Acid INTO THE Skin-Care Routine

As much as pores and skin goals go, most of us want to shine. And there is almost no surer route to radiant, perfectly glow-y epidermis than adding a chemical substance exfoliant to your skin-care schedule. Enter: glycolic acid, one of the very most popular, dermatologist-approved, and effective options out there. Falling under the broader umbrella of alpha-hydroxy acids or AHAs (lactic, malic, and citric acids are also frequently occurring ones), glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane and citric fruits. So how exactly does it work?

And though glycolic acid is most known for its chemical exfoliation capabilities, the component is actually even more flexible than is often known. Glycolic acid can require an adjustment period and may result in a stinging sensation on sensitive complexions, so it is far better to introduce slowly into a skin-care routine, for chemical exfoliation newbies especially. But it’s worth it: In addition to the aforementioned skin concerns it can address, glycolic acid can also go a long way toward helping with hyperpigmentation (or dark spots), blackheads, and rough, uneven texture. At least in moderation, glycolic acid is safe for approximately anyone – in fact just, even pregnant women can use it. As you shop (or click on through our favorite glycolic-enhanced products below) you’ll notice that this powerhouse ingredient can be found in almost every form imaginable. Like so many other parts of any skin-care regimen, it is important to stick with it to start to see the full impact of glycolic acid.

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