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Interesting Corner Of Me

First, I’d like to thanks a lot for The Butterfly Project- Beauty Bloggers and Natta Cosme for offering me a possibility to review this brilliant Thayers toner. Parcel of Natta Cosme arrived at my doorstep. It isn’t a straightforward parcel as inside has tons of shock with the creativeness of Natta Cosme team in showing the wonder products. Before boxing, I thought that within the box would be Thayers toner and brochure/voucher.

When undoing, I simply recognize that Natta Cosme has including other samples size products that usually use at skin care besides Thayers toner. Now, why don’t we uncover the simple skin care products that recommended by Dr. Natta with some wonder. First, before doing any treatment, I was presenting a capsule to “read” but not to consume for live better.

I need to opened the capsule and answer the question. Do you are feeling that was similar with Fortune Cookie? Q: Cotton pads are commonly used to apply toner for better absorption? What do you think? My answer: Definitely yes as using silk cotton pad, it’ll make me easily to apply toner on my face for better absorption.

After experiencing my answer, Dr. Natta acquired proposed using Lily Bell Lilian Puff when applying toner. This puff has 100% cotton which made using superior natural cotton that is noticeably softer. This toner has remained a slight rose scent after use it on my face. This toner has Aloe Vera extracts that act as moisturizing therefore I will not need to worry that my face can be dry after putting it on as cleaning purpose. This toner comes in a big bottle and the price is reasonable so I will buy it when I have to complete it.

Dr. Natta is a real question general practitioner as loves to ask questions so below is the questions that require answer by me after wanting for the toner. Q: What’s the selection of product after employing toner? It acts as a daily maintenance for natural skin care from check out toes. This cream is very greasy if applying too much on face so I recommend to apply a small amount of cream on the face and reapply it if you discover out that it is not enough. The following day after use it, I found that my face is moisturizing.

INCI: Mica, Iron Oxide. Put creativeness and convenience at the tip of your fingers. Our Squeeze Bottles, available in 2 ounce or 4 ounce capacity, is made from soft LDPE and are topped with a cone tip and red cap. It’s tender polyethylene construction presents it the perfect amount of “flex” for quick and easy work. Perfect plastic container for storing and dispensing glitter, mica, and soap colorants, or for use when candle soap and making for specific product drizzle or utility. LDPE is not recommended to store fragrance oils.

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She was slightly excited I assume. Over the night before I told her to come, bring a nice dress to wear for supper the following day, as well as some clothes to wear because she would be with me all day long for our wedding anniversary. Nighttime enjoying shows and eating snacks Suspecting nothing uncommon my girlfriend got over and we’d a great first.

On the day of our wedding anniversary though, SURPRISE! My girlfriend’s face lit up so brightly, she had huge adorable vision and a grin from ear canal to the ear. These are the types of surprises your partner will keep in mind permanently. I needed really fallen in love with my girlfriend by our one-year anniversary, therefore I was willing to make an expensive one-year celebration. I really do not imply go blowing tons of money all the right time.