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Red Rocket Ventures Blog (Growth Consulting, Small Business Experts)

As a lot of you know, Not long ago I redesigned the Red Rocket Blog a few months ago. The initial blog was designed in 2011 and it had an extremely dated feel, as you can see in the image above. But, I didn’t really caution. I had been too busy doing consulting work. And, I thought good content will be read regardless of the web page design. Especially, since in my own mind, it was simply a blog to post some good articles, not just a flashy e-commerce site, and it didn’t look everything that bad. I thought as long as my main website appeared nice, the blog didn’t really matter.

The main aim of the redesign was only to give the blog a 2015 feel, to make it feel fresh. Only that. Yes, I made the public “follow us” icons easier to find to develop followers. And, made the social sharing control keys on articles easier to find, to activate more viral writing of the content.

And, added an e mail us box on your blog itself, in addition to the main site. But, most importantly, A bunch was added by me of visual images and made the various content categories easier to search, as opposed to the simple “Index” link wed in the left column, which linked into generally text message only articles. I had been looking at my Google Analytics data yesterday, to check-in on the website traffic just, and I almost fell out of my chair. Yes, there’s a little more monthly traffic coming to the site to post the redesign, which is exactly what I would have guessed. BUT, I did so not guess the following.

That means the first-time blog site visitors are now more impressed with what they first see, a new looking website with clearer navigation, wealthy with imagery. And, hence, are more prepared to “give it a try”. So, now instead of appealing to 33% of the site visitors, your blog is now appealing to 91% of the site visitors. Each day makes What a difference.

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The first mistake I made was considering “it is simply a blog” (like an afterthought) for the Red Rocket Ventures site, that I had freshly enough updated and thought was. When the truth is, most of our site visitors’ first experience with the Red Rocket brand was the blog, not the primary website, given all the search engine traffic that comes into this content pages of your blog. The “afterthought” was actually not, it was the “main enchilada”. The second mistake I made was thinking of the Red Rocket experience in vacuum pressure, what does the blog imply to us.

The problem is, there are hundreds of websites where you can get good startup tips, as I’ve written about in the past. The argument that my content was more instructional and actionable might have been the full case, hence the rapid growth of the blog over the years. But, I have nowlearned, the hard way, how much traffic and potential client prospects I have left on the table. To date, the blog has been read over 460,000 times by around 120,000 unique individuals, this means I left around 70,000 users disappointed by the initial blog design and flushed those potential customer touchpoints down the drain. Happy it now is fixed.