HIV In The Philippines 1

HIV In The Philippines

In the Philippines by itself, the Department of Health’s 2010 report implies that there are 1,305 HIV positive instances with 15 reported incidence of AIDS. From the persons afflicted, almost all were men with a median age group of 30 years old, who obtained the HIV by sexual connection with either male or female or both mainly. Mother-to-child transmission, blood transfusion, injecting drug use, and needle prick injuries, respectively, followed as the main causes of HIV transmission. This amount is alarmingly high compared to when HIV first surfaced in the country in 1984 and in the ensuing years.

The human immunodeficiency disease (HIV) is a retrovirus that is responsible for a person’s faltering immune system, making a contaminated person susceptible to many attacks that could lead to his loss of life eventually. Three stages best describe chlamydia: primary infection, asymptomatic infection, and symptomatic infection. The first one is characterized by flu-like symptoms like fever, muscle, and joint pains, sore throat, and enlarged lymph nodes in the neck of the guitar, though the first couple of weeks.

It is then followed by a long period without the symptoms manifesting themselves. This endures up to eight to a decade usually, with respect to the problems. Thereafter, the complications begin to develop as the body’s immune system is suppressed. This last stage is named the obtained immunodeficiency symptoms (AIDS). Some typically common complications of AIDS are dementia, extreme weight fatigue, and loss, tumor, tuberculosis, seizures, meningitis, candidiasis, dilemma, and many other attacks. Because HIV is a retrovirus, meaning it is capable of mutating itself, it can form immunity to administered drug treatments.

HIV is sent to a person through his damaged pores and skin or mucous membranes and tissues such as with the mouth, eyes and genitals, pressing contaminated bloodstream or genital secretions. Usually, HIV is offered by sexual activity, sharing needles, bloodstream transfusion and during being pregnant and breastfeeding wherein the mom infects her newborn.

Mere kissing without any open sores or blood in the mouth area is said not to be a risk factor. While a high percentage of HIV infection is related to sexual intercourse between and among people of the same or different gender, contrary to what some social people think, AIDS is not just a site per se.

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Of course, nobody desires to be stressed with HIV, like any disease for that matter just. In fact, some people even take a look at AIDS with a hint of repulsion. People ought to be reminded, however, that compared to many other maladies out there, Helps is one over which a person might have a control. It is all a matter of being responsible, disciplined, and prudent in the conduct of one’s affairs.

And I’m ready to meet the problems on the way. What has prompted this unexpected stop, this reclamation and surrender? A doctor’s visit. A level. A prescription for high blood pressure medicine. A mirror. A belief. A hope. A dream. Today and instead of ignoring it I experienced some stress, I fulfilled it head on and taken care of it. This is a learned thing for me personally.

It’s not my natural way, I guarantee. The perspective I try my far better embrace is one of a mama bear protecting her cubs. The components of my success and recovery are my cubs. If something stands a chance to threaten my cubs, I quickly must down face it, handling the problem before I am handled by it.