Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: 5/1/09 1

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: 5/1/09

The press release in the url below contains the announcement for the first annual “Corporate Citizenship Film Festival” structured by Boston College’s Center for Corporate Citizenship. Rather than criticizing corporations, the Festival’s goal is to celebrate the social value they add. Too often, the CSR debate fails to know that the partnership between business and culture is symbiotic-society needs and advantages from a business just as that business needs and benefits from society. Both sides have value to add; both edges flunk in some respects also.

The way the Festival is currently structured, however, indicates that it’s likely to neglect to live up to its potential. Those firms willing to commit the most money to the project shall produce the best infomercials. What will be lost in the process is an objective evaluation of the net value added by any given firm.

Now my readers, as you know what a business is and what it can, now I think many of respected readers want to know how to begin a business. Starting a business is simple but starting a business that may generate profit, is a tiny bit tough. For revenue, business owners need to do a great deal of hard works. I will try to explore with my readers the reason that make a business successful down the road. But now I’ll restricted my writing in the first step of starting a business.

I will suggest all the business owners that please think prior to starting any type of business since there is a huge difference between a business owner or business man and employee. Many people fail to generate any type of profit not because they have a bad business plan, for the reason that they cannot recognize the differences. If anybody does not like to take the risk, I will suggest that business is not for him or her.

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“People filing for bankruptcy have grown to be poorer and poorer,” she says. “The average person filing for personal bankruptcy is well below median income now,” a substantial change from 20 years ago. “And that’s unsurprising, with more credit available. But others dispute that the development of credit credit card use has harmed low-income groupings.

If bank cards weren’t easily accessible, many would borrow anyway, using significantly riskier loan sources, such as payday lenders, said Todd Zywicki, a teacher at George Mason University School of Law, in Fairfax, VA. The percentage of the lowest-income households “in financial distress” has been generally continuous since 1989, he said.

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