A Tray Of Bliss 1

A Tray Of Bliss

Lake Weyba sunset. Unenhanced and taken by The Diva with her iPhone Completely. I’ve made a decision to make more of an attempt to make life lovely this week. Well, every week really, but starting this week. This is often difficult with this busy schedule as I know it is for all of us, so here is what I’m doing. 1. Make more effort with my hair and makeup every day.

I’ve dropped into a rut of locks in a high ponytail, swish of mineral makeup, basic jewelry. Nothing wrong with that, and searching me, sometimes more effort than most to make. But I like looking a little glamorous for The Muso Man and The Diva. He wedded a glamorous female, and The Diva skipped me in my own younger, very glam times. THEREFORE I owe it to them to make the most of myself.

So it’s hair washed and perfectly styled, with a far more careful up-do on the alternate day. Some contouring (learned from Pinterest links) on the less than glam face, and a little more eye makeup. Everyday Different jewelry. 2. Burn my scented candles. I adore them, and again, ignore to use them. 3. Make some special foods.

Not expensive, just different. For the menu for tonight are Thai inspired Gluten Free sausage rolls. I’m cheating and using bought-GF puff pastry. 4. Walk in various directions. We live in a leafy area and have some lovely walking tracks. I have a tendency to do the same walk every day, when really, going in a different direction may lead to all sorts of pretty sights.

5. Afternoon tea in the car for The Diva when I collect her from school Have a special. 6. Body cream. Who wants crocodile skin hip and legs? Cheap, baby lotion. My favorite. Arms, legs, elbows all slathered morning hours and evening. 7. A fresh reserve. A historical book. Sequel towards the Other Boleyn Girl, which I completed recently and really enjoyed. The Boleyn Inheritance. All based on real figures and events in British and European background. 8. Night Make an old-fashioned dessert every second.

The Muso Man adores them and I get all swept up in being healthy and forget a little of something you like is not just a bad thing. Tonight it’s cooked custard, Wednesday will be rice pudding, and Friday I’ll do Gluten Free apple turnovers. 9. Every day A different perfume.

  • Photo end “more than primer dark place correcting” – instantly smoothes and brightens skin
  • Intense violet pigment can stain your nails
  • Lactic C38: Diminishes discoloration
  • Remove the hair from your knuckles
  • Prepare wet seaweed as described before. But rather than tepid to warm water use kefir
  • 1st trial. I make an effort to remove the makeup by using the bubble machine
  • 55 ~beautiful yellow, fantastic color with a hint of orange
  • Acne Treatments

Again, I’ve lots but have a tendency to use your body aerosol that involves hands every day. The day I used Femme by Rochas the other. It’s no longer available, but is the 1st French perfume I owned, given to me by my Mum on my sixteenth birthday. It is loved by me and found a container in Harrods on our last trip there. The Diva and The Muso Man both commented about how lovely I smelled. I have Chanel No also. 5, White Linen, Paris, and Anais Anais and forget to wear them all. 10. Finish the blanket I’m knitting for my granddaughter. The palest baby pink and a joy to utilize.

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