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Wittington Investments Limited

Wittington Investments Limited is the Weston family holding company. As of 5 April 2006, the Garfield Weston Foundation owned 79.2 % of Wittington Investments Limited, an organization authorized in England. Wittington Investments is the best holding company of Associated British Foods plc, which is listed on the International Stock Exchange, and Mason and Fortnum plc and Heal’s all.

Example: A quantity field in the application form must have a data kind of decimal/float in the table. To be able to comply with requirements, users should be given access controls through views. It involves testing the databases that satisfy user requirements. You can find two ways to accomplish: Black box testing and White container testing.

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Example: When we do an online money transfer, sender account should be debited and the recipient accounts should be acknowledged with the very same amount. If the deal fails then entire transactions should be reverted and sender accounts shouldn’t be debited or acknowledged back. It requires load & stress tests and performance optimization. Load testing assists with identifying the most number of transactions that may be performed concurrently without impacting database performance. Example: Predicated on the insight from fill and stress tests bank applications can decide to add more resources with their software during peak business hours and decrease the resources during off-business hours.

This helps the bank to make optimum use of resources and spend less. Security Testing is usually the last stage in the testing routine. A prerequisite to commencing security tests is the completion of non-functional and practical screening. Security testing is one of the major stages in the whole Application testing cycle as this stage ensures that application complies with Federal and Industry standards. Due to the nature of the info they carry, banking applications are very rare and sensitive a prime target for hackers & fraudulent activities.

Security testing makes certain that the application doesn’t have such web vulnerability that can expose sensitive data for an intruder or an attacker. It assures that the application form complies with criteria like OWASP also. Within this stage, the major task is the whole application scan which is carried out using tools like IBM AppScan or HP WebInspect (they are the most popular tools).

Once the Scan is completed, the Scan Report is published. Over this record, False Positives are filtered out and all of those other vulnerabilities are reported to the Development team in order that they start fixing the issues depending on the severity of each issue. A penetration assessment is also done as of this step to reveal the propagation of errors. Rigorous security testing should be achieved across platforms, networks, and OS. Some Other Manual tools for Security Testing used are Paros Proxy, Http Watch, Burp Suite, and Fortify.