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Once, I used to be asked what being a father methods to me. The question was asked of me one night before I used to be to leave on the overnight business trip the same night that Indiana and L.A. NBA playoffs. I had formed never really considered it before – probably because I knew that “IT” (fatherhood) was something that must be done rather than just thought about.

And there was always something to do: to PTA conferences, taking my kid to practice, ironing clothes, cooking meal and listening. Exactly what does it mean to be a dad? After all it has to be a bit more than introducing a sperm cell to a precious ovum. It needs to be more than seeing one’s child once or twice a week or month. Exactly what does it mean and what is the continuing state of fatherhood in our community? This is the relevant question and I thought hard.

I thought hard about the actual fact that I was an individual parent; I have been married, but it did not work out a total result of unexpected circumstances. But, mulling the questions of parenthood, I came across it difficult to try to conceptualize something that I live; something so paramount and significant that words and thoughts can’t adequately depicting its essence. It seems when you become a father – which is no less true for mothers – that you effectively start a phase of having no social life. For the one father, this is by choice mainly, for you come to understand and internalize that there is nobody thing or event more valuable than your children.

I arrived to see that point really does travel by, and my baby boy has become a little man with only one month until his eight birthday. I love cherish every moment of fatherhood, and I love having a son. For me being a paternalfather is a responsibility that is earned with a mixture of hard work and effort, dedication, and most importantly, love.

It can be an endless season where summer, fall, winter and spring become one and the years often form a conglomerate reserve of thoughts and photographs. Anthony T. Stringfield is CEO of the Living Room Media Group. Oakland, California transplant, he has been in Atlanta for roughly nine years. “For me personally,” he says slowly, “I’ve been with little Tone for approximately 10 and a half years. Being a single mother or father for any that time has already established its trials and tribulations for sure, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

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When he came into the world, it just slowed my roll completely.” He says that his son is similar to a brother to him and that their relationships have steadily grown over the years. “His mom didn’t ever get involved in his life. Twice a season She calls about, on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it has not turned into any real experience for him.

She being 3,000 was away in France did not allow for him to have that access, that immediate access to her. “Being a dad means too much to me,” Stringfield proceeds. “I would expect it to suggest a lot to a lot brothers out there. He is wanted by me to learn the streets, but at the same time, I don’t want him to earn the streets. Fatherhood down slowed my entire life totally. ” Stringfield admitted that if it has not been for learning to be a father, he’d have ended up ubiquitously wither “dead or in jail” probably. Parenthood granted him another thing that he needed: stability.

“I assume God moved within me,” he says. “It was really satisfaction at first, but as satisfaction converted into something that I thought was more than I could chew. However in the process, I understood that if I just took small bites, it wasn’t that hard,” Strinfield says. “And today since I am remarried lately, I can see how valuable the dual-parent situation is.

Looking back on it all, I say being a father is a blessing that I would not operate for anything in the global world. I wouldn’t trade the frowns for the smiles. “My baby is similar to all the money in the global world for me,” says Clarence Harris, founder of the check First Mortgage of Cincinnati, Ohio.

“My wife and I had problems, so the doctors experienced to really merge my sperm with her egg. It took about four or five attempts. Harris smiles as he proceeds. The day I found out “I had been in a motor car accident,” he says. “I was sitting there and everything mad and she comes traveling nearby smiling and says she was pregnant.