Is Reliance Jio Mobile Connection Financially Beneficial For User 1

Is Reliance Jio Mobile Connection Financially Beneficial For User

You might be questioning that topic on Reliance Bio mobile connection is slightly offbeat because of this forum. The tagline of this blog is “Smart Ideas for your Money”. I make an effort to cover every single topic from the money. The launch of Reliance Bio mobile services created a lot of buzz and traction force among mobile users. You can measure the impact of the launch from the fact that Telecom stocks lost 13, 000 Cr market caps on the day of Reliance Bio launch. I anticipated the same in my own earlier post, Impact of Reliance Bio on Telecom stocks. In my opinion, the mobile connection is currently a item and part of our day to day life.

At once, I give more importance to network coverage compared to mobile tariffs. Recently a few of my friends and family users asked me if they should opt for Reliance Bio mobile connection or not. The idea of this post came to my mind Thus. To share an example, earlier preferred online shopping of grocery store i. The discounts dry out and I shifted to traditional mode.

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From the last couple of months, I used to go for every week food shopping on Monday. One fine day, on Wednesday I read within the newspapers that the same store run super saver marketing promotions. I changed my schedule and shifted food shopping to Wednesday. Always remember A Rupee Saved is a Rupee Earned. Before we proceed let me clarify that unlike other blogs, we will not compare mobile tariffs because these are too complex.

My goal is to describe it in layman term that is easy to comprehend and digest. The good reason being, the Telecom players play around with tariff validity, pulse rate, conditions attached, limitations, sub-limits etc. Because of this reason, the existing telcos are terming the Reliance Bio tariff as a marketing gimmick. The best way to compare mobile tariff from a user perspective is to comprehend the current use behavior. For instance, break up of tone of voice and data utilization, local, or STD phone calls etc. Once this info is available you’ll be able to equate to mobile tariff offered and conclude easily.

As the use behavior of every mobile user differs therefore there is absolutely no POINT looking at mobile tariff’s predicated on certain assumptions. A specific mobile tariff may be good for one user however, not for another. For the reason that, the use behavior differs. If my STD use is high I quickly should look for a plan with cheapest STD rates instead of the plan with unlimited free local calls.

Should I Opt for Reliance Bio Connection? The largest PULL Factor offered by Reliance Bio is FREE-VOICE CALLS. In marketing, the capture lies in the reality to make you spend more by labeling it as FREE. For example, I usually buy 200 ml shampoo bottles but during this week’s food shopping I saw that with 500-ml bottle, 100 ml bottles was FREE. Therefore, it had been captured and spent more because of greed to grab the FREE offer. Step one 1: You should find out your monthly mobile spend. In my own case, the common monthly postpaid expenses are Rs 600 (including service taxes). Step 2 2: Estimate the separation of voice usage and data usage.