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15 billion investment advisers and a subsidiary of BB&T Corporation, said they are now offering a broader selection of alternative investment strategies to the bank’s Wealth Management and Institutional Services clients. These strategies shall include hedge money, private equity money, private real estate funds, structured records, commodity funds, protected call writing strategies, and multiple tax-efficient single-stock risk management strategies. Shawn Gibson, director of Alternative Investments. 10 million, access to the top-performing managers, and diversification among managers and strategies.

Most US citizens today do NOT own Eagles, and have no idea of their living even! They will be harder to trade initially than the more common junk silver. Lastly, comes the precious metal rounds and bars. Yes, I understand they have the same amount of silver as the Eagles, but who the hell is Sunshine Minting and Johnson Matthey just?

That’s what you’re going to have to describe to extremely skeptical (of success prep) trading partners! I really believe there will still be enough trust in the trustworthiness of the Old US to make US minted coins, 90% junk magic and Eagles, appropriate quickly during the SHTF recovery period fairly. However the privately minted rounds and bars will not have that stamp of approval to rely upon. People shall remember that private companies could and did cheat their customers, and that tungsten-filled-gold bars did exist. Indeed, even the notion of an exclusive currency shall be a difficult sell to a NON-PREPPER!

Remember, today feels that printing your own money up is named COUNTERFEITING everyone alive, and it is BAD! As a total result, I firmly think that junk Sterling silver and ASE and GSE’s are the best ways to look. Believe me, you won’t care about the tiny extra premiums you’d to pay in this time period for the Eagles over equivalent rounds.

Of course, retain in mind I’m not stating your rounds will be worthless (perish the thought), just much more of a pain to move than their US minted alternatives. Summary: SHTF Recovery Mode – Junk Gold and silver & Silver Eagles are the only way to fly! Remember, with non-prepper trading companions you need to keep things simple.

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They’ll understand eventually that pre-1965 dimes, quarters, halves, and dollars are 90% silver precious metal. But please, do not end up having to describe both of these freaks to non-preppers and non-coin collectors! Yes, I know pound for pound they’re cheaper than the 90% coins. And please, do not get me started on those so-ugly-even-a-mother-couldn’t-love 35% metallic “war nickels”.

I mean, they don’t even look like a silver-gold coin! Also keep in mind to explain to your perplexed trading companions that some of the 1942 nickels weren’t made from silver, which means you have to consider the big mint mark on the trunk. Is it possible to say I before e except after c, and y and it sometimes? Please, give me a break!