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As a good example, when global share markets peaked in October/November 2007 global economic growth and profit indicators looked good. Of course, the opposite occurs at market lows. For example, in the bottom of the last carry market in stocks back in March 2003, global economic indicators were inadequate and the overall fear was off a ‘double dip’ back into global recession. As it turned out not surprisingly ‘bad news’ stocks switched around, in the year to confirm the rally with better financial and profit news only coming along later.

History indicates over and over that the best increases in stocks and shares are usually made when the economic information is poor and the economic recovery is just beginning or not evident. This mistake has been evident in recent years clearly. A common strategy has gone to build up more diverse portfolios of investments less influenced by equities and with greater exposure to alternatives such as hedge funds, commodities, direct property, credit, timber, and infrastructure. This generally resulted in a reduced exposure to protective asset classes like government bonds truly. So in effect investors have been dealing with more risk helped by the ‘comfort’ provided by greater diversification.

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Yes, there’s a full case for substitute possessions. But regrettably the events of the last two years have exposed the risk in allowing such a method of drive an elevated contact with risky assets overall. Aside from government bonds and cash, virtually the blow have been sensed by all resources torch of the global financial crisis, with agricultural investments being the latest victim in Australia. For many the motivation to lessen tax is integral investment driver. But there is no point negatively gearing into an investment to get a taxes refund if it always makes a loss. Similarly, the recent experience with Managed Investment Schemes also highlights the risk in relying too much on taxes considerations to drive investments.

The first priority is to make sure an investment stacks up well in its right – without counting on tax considerations. Economic and investment forecasts tend to be viewed as central to investing. But, at the chance of being thrown out of both ‘economists’ club’ and the ‘market strategists club’, nobody has a perfect crystal ball. And sometimes these are flawed terribly.

It established the fact that whenever the consensus of experts’ forecasts for key economic or investment indications are in comparison to actual outcomes, they are out by a wide margin often. This was particularly the case last year. Forecasts for financial and investment indicators are useful but need to be treated with care.