What Real Beauty METHODS TO Me 1

What Real Beauty METHODS TO Me

Growing up in India, my interpretation of beauty was what have been fed to me over the entire years. An ideal Indian girl was – thin, fair, with sharp features (whatever which means), has thick-long-black hair, and polite (somebody who never questions or retorts back). No other version of female lifestyle would do.

I was (and still am!) that person who always received a “but” attached with a compliment. Thankfully my parents never let me feel any less and I could survive adolescent years without my self confidence shattered. However, behind my mind somewhere, I had formed accepted which i was not beautiful.

I had many strengths and characteristics but being ‘beautiful’ was not a privilege I obtained in my gene-pool. I was not that girl who was simply (is) ‘desired’ by Indian standards. I didn’t care enough to even consider changing myself, but I never used the adjective beautiful to describe myself definitely.

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As we will get in old legends about Perchta, she actually is a professional of the beasts and capable of shapeshifting, what’s shown with one of her foot being large and frequently called a goosefoot unnaturally. Thus the power of the goose girl within the wind and the geese in the fairy tale may be elements coming from the old legends about Perchta. Perchta was definitely a role model for a large number of sensible women who got some seemingly magical capabilities in times of paganism because they knew how to use herbal remedies and realized some essentials in the region of medicine and physiology.

Alle these women became a threat to the monopoly of knowledge acquired by the Christian Church and many ended their lives accused being witches and burnt at the stake. The father is absent like in many classic fairy tales. The mother obviously has some magical powers (seen through talking drops of blood), but can’t help her daughter anymore. The prince is immature and can’t place the difference between your false and true princess.