Good MBA Colleges In Mumbai, Nagpur And Pune 1

Good MBA Colleges In Mumbai, Nagpur And Pune

There are more than 250 MBA and PGDM colleges collectively in the major towns of Maharashtra viz. Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur. It really is little tedious and difficult job to separate good or best colleges from all of them. In Mumbai, Somaiya, Welingkar, Narshi Munji, are of top notch to go for.

Symbiosis, PUMBA, Sinhgad, MIT SOM, are providing the management education at international criteria and Environment from Pune. Not only their teaching pedagogy or placement are top notch, but their campuses, industry – Institute relations, Market value give them distinct benefit of being highly successful. Most of MBA colleges in Pune are affiliated to University of Pune, in Mumbai these are affiliated to Mumbai University, whereas in Nagpur these are affiliated to Rashtra Sant Tukadoji Maharaj University (RSTM) Nagpur. Group Of Institutions (Integrated Campus), Diksal Dist. Fr. C. Rodrigues Inst. Central Institute of Business Mgmt. You are wished by me best wishes for your further studies.

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