So What's A Guy To Do? 1

So What’s A Guy To Do?

Brain drain and capital airline flight. As you know your Captain left Minnesota and he left for just two reasons. Now, leftists can go on, and complain and say I’m a cry baby or “good-riddance,” but none of that changes the fact that I did indeed leave because the political weather was too liberal.

That was my choice and the ones my reasons. You have to deal with this. But the left may want to hold their mockery and criticisms for simply a little bit, because as this brief little piece points out, something is wrong with Minnesota. Its housing market is not recovering as as the rest of the country fast.

Matter of reality, it’s rank with claims like California, Michigan, Florida, and Nevada. Which was notorious for having property bubbles, unlike Minnesota. Now people will speculate and opine and theorize, and if you are on the still left you give no real serious thought as to the genuine causes of this problem. You’ll simply blame the Tea Party or George Bush or Pawlenty or what perhaps you have. But, again, why you might want to hold your criticism and mockery of me, I have an uncanny history of being right on all plain things financial.

So maybe you could mute the “hey hey, ho ho, capitalism must go” sophomorities, and pay attention, because I might just again be right once. Understand Minnesotans and Minnesota Satisfaction themselves from using a disproportionate amount of lot of money 500 employers. They boast 3M, General Mills, Best Buy, etc. etc. And in the olden days when you could go to the U of MN, major in chemistry, pick up a working job at Medtronic and everything would be well, that was fine. And although Minnesota has more or less regularly voted Democrat due to its Scandinavian heritage, then people abided by the honor system back again.

  • 15 289,002.00 509,000.00 509,000.00
  • Decrease the eligibility waiting around period, or at least reduce it for worker deferrals
  • Farm machinery utilized by an individual principally involved in farming up to $13,000; and
  • $32 for USB jacks and a soldering iron
  • Applying and spending money on a mortgage

You didn’t continue welfare unless you needed it. Education WAS key to your success and we committed to it heavily. The church was had by you or your family take care of you. And a stern amount of Norwegian shame was brought upon you if you stayed on the dole too much time. And everything work until (much like what goes on with all nice socialist utopias) not honorable people started taking benefit of the system. People shifted in from other says where their welfare benefits were not so good.

The next generation decided they might get an education, however, not in things 3M, General Mills, or Polaris needed. They voted for more and more public programs and touchy feel good stuff. They built atrocious buildings for government casing such as Cedar Riverside and other eyesores. 50,000 per consuming fountain to market “art.” The U of MN no longer offered the students and jacked up tuition higher than inflation. And the learning students might have complained, however they were informed it was wicked Republicans which were reducing their spending. Now, normally your Captain would continue and cite this as the cause of having less economic development and the decrease in property prices.

But that would be only half reasonable. For you have to comprehend the public sector pulls from the same pool of people because of its employees. And the actual Captain is finding out as he gets older and pulls more data, it is not necessarily the public sector this is the core of the problem, it is the quality of the individuals.