Smartwatches, Fitness Trackers & Wearable Technology 1

Smartwatches, Fitness Trackers & Wearable Technology

Today, Misfit’s focus is completely on smartwatches which can be designed to fit seamlessly into your life and help keep you related, on high, and in fashion, wherever life takes you. Ring your (briefly misplaced) cellphones, obtain smartphone notifications, track your exercise and sleep, snap a selfie, and so far more, proper from your wrist. Our smartwatches are here to streamline your everyday life so you possibly can focus on what issues and make the most of your time.

On the lookout for all the power and connectivity of a modern smartwatch however the sleek, iconic model of a traditional analog watch? We’ve got you with our Hybrid Smartwatch assortment, which collectively deliver the best of each world. … properly, know what time it’s. If you’re searching for something with somewhat more tech but nonetheless quite a lot of fashion, Misfit Vapor 2 might be the fitting fit.

Powered by Wear OS by Google, Vapor 2 provides customers with an elevated smartwatch expertise boasting new features similar to two completely different size choices, new & improved heart fee tracking, standalone GPS, and NFC help. When Misfit first launched we discovered very quickly at all that athletes weren’t the one ones occupied with fitness wearables.

Staying on high of fitness objectives, no matter age or fitness level was and remains essential to a lot of people—at all levels of life. From school teachers to accountants and students to grandmothers, getting “their steps in” grew to become a tangible objective with the help of our wearables. It even turned a means of uniting people, creating slightly friendly competition.

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We’ve discovered that once we make smart knowhow an accessible and Handy method to satisfy fitness goals—people will feel empowered to take cost in their very own way. Further, everyone has totally different focuses. Some of us might have an interest solely in fitness goals while others are taken with fitness objectives in addition to receiving notifications from their cellphone while they’re on the gym. The selection is completely personal.

We’ve tailor-made our exercise trackers to address the wants of everybody. Each has slightly completely different features or the same features in a special presentation. Sports bands are needed on the gym and within the pool, but for those who don’t want to take their wearables off for a night out, we have options.

Whether that’s the Swarovski collection or the sleek, fashionable assortment, your Misfit machine will be modified in and out of different choices to adapt to no matter events life throws your manner. And we mention so much about bracelets, but we’ve also designed pendant options on your system as effectively. Smart technology has helped Misfit make a number of things potential. Some of you might have your fitness routine down, and you’re happy with that, however you marvel why you’re just so fatigued. The reply may very well be in the way you sleep. We introduced the Beddit device, a paper-thin device so as not to interrupt your natural patterns that’s positioned on your mattress and interfaces with an app on your smartphone.

Now you may actually find out what happens whereas you’re sleeping. Edit measures complete sleep time, sleep cycles (deep and light duration), awake instances, heart price, and ambient sound and snoring. Along the lines of sleeping, we also introduced Bolt, wirelessly linked smart gentle bulbs. With the power to set it to your alarm, Bolt light might be your gentlest wake up “call” ever. Bolt light bulbs connect and are managed from your smartphone to create any form of mood lighting you need. Very like our loyal following, Misfit started out of the gate operating and we haven’t stopped yet (and don’t plan on it). Finding new ways to make sensible expertise make the lives of our customers easier and more motivated will always be our motivation.

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