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Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views

One of the very most important business strategy ideas has been the idea of disruptive development as explained by Clayton Christensen of the Harvard Business School. Innovation can be disruptive to the position quo or incumbent business through presenting new tools, products, and methods to business that open up new marketplaces and cut income of existing business.

By serving new customers or special customer sections, the entrant can disrupt the marketplace for an existing product or by creating a new product. The amount of money management and hedge finance business aren’t immune to the effects of disruptive advancement. It just may not be associated with the investment process.

The liquid alternative funds could be considered disruptive creativity that is changing the hedge account industry. It really is a clear change in the way hedge money is marketed and it is very disruptive to the set-up hedge funds, but it may need to be placed in context within the asset management industry. The disruption might be from new entrants but not small players.

This disruption is from the bigger asset management companies. Hedge funds could not be easily reached by the mass market. You had to be a qualified investor. There have been tax considerations. There is insufficient liquidity with traditional hedge funds. The marketing was to high net worthy of individuals and institutions.

The majority of market participants didn’t have access to the abilities associated with hedge money and the offerings open to the mass market were limited and expensive. With the change in rules which allowed for liquid substitute, there’s been a simple shift available. Hedge money is being mass advertised in small items to every investor now.

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The benefit of small hedge firms has been eroded and the top money management companies which have usage of RIA and agents can be able to use their marketing and distribution causes to sell hedge funds. The balance of power has shifted from management skills to marketing skills. The amount of scale essential for running hedge money has increased because management fees are declining.

Small firms that cannot focus on the mass market will be shut out of the process. The dominance of the boutique company is eroding. This is a minimal technical change but it has generated a new market. The management of property by hedge funds that focus on the liquid at area is targeted on diversification and with style betas.

It is less about the alpha skill of the manager. Managing large swimming pools of assets might be less about creating alpha because the flows are just too large. The innovation in liquid alts has not been a change in the kind of returns generated. In fact, the liquid and have not performed well. It is about the delivery mechanism.