Busted! 3 Myths About Weight Loss 1

Busted! 3 Myths About Weight Loss

We’ve all been there, position before a mirror or in a store dressing room or in front of our closet, wondering why the weight just won’t disappear completely. Well buckle up folks, because what I’m about to say is gonna turn everything you’ve ever considered weight loss upside down!

1: EASILY eat what I must say i want I’ll put on weight. The problem is that people have no idea what we wish really. We consume when we’re sad, anxious, upset, lonely, frustrated, and bored. We want something that seems better, but it’s not clear what that is or whether it’s even possible for us -so we consume. We eat when we’re hungry so when we’re not starving at all. In truth, most of us no longer allow ourselves to even feel hungry. We’ve lost touch with what really, truly feels good to our authentic Self and to our body. So what to do?

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Try this: the next time you want to eat something, move beyond your mouth area and instead, drop down into your tummy to feel what’s really true for you. Your tummy is a far better judge of hunger and the kind of food that could really feel good than your mouth will ever be. Your mouth chases bright, sparkly objects relentlessly. It’s always hungry, but often not for the types of things that are deeply satisfying to you. If you checked along with your system and ate what was deeply satisfying to the body, a lot of the right time, how will you ever feel deprived?

When you pay beautiful attention to what brings pleasure to your genuine Self and to how your system feels, you can eat whatever you wish really. 2: You must exercise too much to stay at the ideal weight. So let me ask you something. If you only ate when you were starving, you ceased when you were full, and you ate what your system told you it needed the most- how will you gain weight? How would that be possible?

It’s not. So, I ask one to reconsider all the reasons why you think you “have” to work through because those are the very same reasons why you hate to work out. 1. To feel great – the simple joy of movement. 2. To train your system to have the ability to do something which makes you feel good!

Your body was made to move- to circulation. When bloodstream, or drinking water, or oxygen, or even your brain stops moving things become stagnant and then they begin to break down and feel crummy. You exercise because, if you really pay attention, you will observe that moving feels better than not moving.

And you exercise to enable you to climb that hill, run that race, see those beautiful muscles rippling, walk without getting away from breath, or to dance and communicate yourself. 3: Slimming down and residing at your ideal weight is hard work! The body does all kinds of complex things effortlessly without your help.

It breathes even when you are sound asleep. It generates adrenaline instantaneously to get you out of danger. It spends 9 months diligently creating a perfect individual when you do nothing. Why would you think that maintaining a healthy weight is the thing that is hard for the body to do?