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Who can qualify a company? Notify the WV Division of Labor’s Contractor Licensing Portion of the new qualifier on paper, along with documents of their test ratings and every other required supporting documentation (see prior question). Do test ratings expire? Test ratings do not expire, nonetheless they can be utilized no more than three (3) times. Test ratings are accustomed to meeting the criteria a company, reapply for a permit, or open a fresh company. How do you add a classification to my existing license?

Once the required exam has been passed, notify our office in writing (email or fax) of the passing score you need to include a request to add the classification to the license. There are no fees (apart from the testing charge) associated with this procedure. How do I know when to renew my license? Every year at the day detailed on the license Service provider Licenses renew.

Renewal notices are mailed approximately thirty (30) times prior to expiration to serve as a reminder, nonetheless they are not required to be able to renew your permit. How do you renew my license? 25.00 late charge. Licenses expired to get more than ninety (90) days, require that you reapply (no assessment is required so long as your original test scores never have been used more than three (3) times).

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Grandfathered licenses that are allowed to review ninety (90) times, require exam before a new permit can be issued. Applicant must be in good standing with all required organizations (Secretary of State, Tax-Business Registration, Worker’s Compensation, and Unemployment) before a license will be renewed. What proof is necessary for Worker’s Compensation and Unemployment? When you have employees (other than yourself, partners, members, or officials) you must have worker’s compensation and unemployment coverage. If you are an out of condition company without employees that reside in WV, you merely need to show/provide copies of your state’s worker’s payment certificate and the newest quarterly report displaying that you pay into unemployment.

If you have employees that reside in WV, you must register with the correct WV agencies to obtain coverage. Proof coverage must be posted with the renewal to be processed. Do I need to include the Wage Bond Status Affidavit? Yes, all applicants, of status regardless, must complete this form and include it with the application form for a Contractor’s License.

The application will NOT be processed without this form. Applicant must be in good standing with all required organizations (Secretary of State-if applicable, WV State Tax Department, Worker’s Compensation-if relevant and Unemployment-if applicable) before a license will be issued. How will it take to get my permit long? The time required varies depending about how long it takes to complete registration with the other agencies. Once the program is received in the Contractor Licensing Section, the license is usually released within ten (10) to fifteen (15) business days via email, or same day if brought to the office (provided everything is within conformity).

Please Note that CASH is NOT ACCEPTED. I’ve tested, what do I do next? The Contractor Licensing Section is the last step in the process. Registration must be finished with all other firms (Secretary of State-if relevant, WV State Tax Department, Worker’s Compensation-if appropriate and Unemployment-if applicable) before a credit card application can be filled out with this office and processed.

How do I know which test to take? Contact the Contractor Licensing Section to verify which tests need to be taken. All companies must take the Business & Law exam. How do I learn about scheduling tests, study guides and test fees? Does West Virginia offer reciprocity to secure a license? West Virginia Fire Marshal – (Electrical Classification) An ongoing Master Electrician license. How do you change my address/phone number? Notify the Contractor Licensing Section in writing (mail or fax) with the requested changes.