Itchy Ankles - Rash, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment 1

Itchy Ankles – Rash, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Itchiness anywhere on your body is called as “pruritus.” Getting itchy anywhere is quite troubling, irritating, and a nuisance when you are at work especially, you are sleeping or even when you are doing nothing. When you itchy get, you really cannot stop yourself from scratching the area until it gets sore or even starts to bleed.

What Causes Itchy Ankles? WHAT CAN CAUSE Itchy Ankles? Feeling itchy on your ankles can be due to a number of causes. It may be credited to environmental things that trigger allergies just, due to materials, dry epidermis, or it could suggest some fundamental condition like liver organ problem, diabetes, or psoriasis. Tell us more about this at length.

Itchiness can be due to your skin layer pressing the fabric you are hypersensitive to, like woolen sock, soaps, perfumes, or leather. It might be credited to restricted shoes also. A red rash develops on the skin when coming in contact with the irritant and other symptoms might include hives, swelling, ulcers, and blisters.

Hives or urticaria is the most common type of rash that triggers itchy ankles credited to an allergic reaction to particular foods, medicines, and other irritants. Main symptoms of hives are itchy, raised, red, swollen welts on the affected area of skin. Dried out pores and skin around the skin can be caused by the ankles to itch. Some skin care products and climatic conditions make the skin around ankles dry and crack.

Dry skin may indicate an underlying condition such as psoriasis or eczema. Dry epidermis symptoms scaly include, crack, flaky skin along with staining. Overexposure to rays of sunlight causes skin burns. The skin becomes red and painful, exposure to the sun can also cause itchy and painful skin on your body and ankles. Skin blisters may be formed due to sunburn and it could blast and get badly infected that result in further itching.

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Wearing socks all day long, warmer weather can cause perspiration and can lead to itching on the ankles. Putting on tight clothing causes itching due to less air flow for the skin also. The use of any new skin products like soaps, moisturizers may trigger an allergic reaction causing itchy ankles and skin. Psoriasis is a condition where your disease fighting capability overreacts and produces excessive skin cells that cause inflammation. Build-up of epidermis cells itchy become very, scaly and red. Eczema is another condition of the skin where the skin becomes itchy, dry and red. Itching may start anywhere, the wrists, ankles, feet, and hands. Mosquitoes or any other insect bite such as bug bite around the ankles can cause itchy skin.

Insect bite leads to bump with pain, itchiness, burning, or swelling sensation. Itchy ankles in individuals with diabetes may indicate there is poor circulation of blood in the feet. Proper management of diabetes, regular intake of diabetic medications to modify the blood sugar is vital to prevent long-term health problems. Regular checkup with the podiatrist is very important to prevent infections of the foot or gangrene. If your ankles start to itch a complete lot, it is important to go to your doctor to obtain it treated.