12 Tips To Running A Winning Social Media Contest 1

12 Tips To Running A Winning Social Media Contest

Running a social mass media contest is a great way to drum up enthusiasm for your business, boost your list of email subscribers, get new Twitter supporters and Facebook prefers, and create a fun experience along the way. In this article, we discuss 12 recommendations, choices for you to consider, and options to bear in mind to run an effective social media contest of your own.

Are you trying to get publication subscriptions, expose certain products, gain brand acknowledgement, or drive up Facebook followers? Knowing what your goals are will guide the process. Sweepstakes contests will be the easiest to enter, with the cheapest barrier of entrance. Photo or video contests with lover votes get the most engagement.

Caption contests or quiz contests are other options. Winners can be chosen arbitrarily, picked by you or a panel of judges you select or voted on by other visitors. If you’re running a picture or video contest, stretch contests away much longer with several rounds of voting says Nicole Krug, owner and operator of brand marketing and sociable press company Social Light. “In the event that you don’t have an enormous budget but want to spur some engagement just, you can also do a flash contest,” Krug says. These contests – often one-day contests done every week or two – brings small bursts of engagement without emptying your marketing budget.

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Decide whether you want the competition to perform on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Choose one and stick to it, if you can still cross-promote your competition on other internet sites. Want an all-encompassing campaign? Popular options for contests include Rafflecopter, Votigo, PromoSimple, and Giveaway Tool. Many have trial offer plans or versions that are free for a specified number of entries. Some have forms and templates. “If you’re on a budget and know how to code, Krug recommends Shortstack.

Depending on which platform you utilize, you may need to establish a while and resources to generate artwork for the competition apart. Some images need to be customized for different platforms. Many businesses ask contest entrants become listed on their email list as a prerequisite for the contest entrance. Mike Carroll, creative director at Equinox Design quotes that only about 10 percent to 20 percent of individuals drop off. Keep this amount low by making sure the reward you’re giving away is carefully related from what your business offers. Offering free iPads to the people subscribed to emails from your food-preparation company may draw in tech enthusiasts rather than aspiring chefs.

“If you can get people to show their commitment to a brand, that’s going to get more targeted people,” Carroll points out. You can always add an award from your business alongside a second award that’s more generic. Here’s an example from Monterey County, in which they asked visitors to share a common winery via Twitter for a chance to win a trip to Carmel.