Mother And Daughter Compete TO OBTAIN THE Most 'Loves' On Selfies 1

Mother And Daughter Compete TO OBTAIN THE Most ‘Loves’ On Selfies

A mother has exposed that she is in a selfie struggle with her 15-year-old girl to see who can take the best photos and get the most loves on the snaps. Administration officer Jenna, who has 6 now,700 fans on Instagram, claims that the competition with her teenage offspring, who has 9,600 supporters, helps to maintain her fresh appearance.

She said: ‘Having a daughter like Chloe to keep me on my ‘selfie feet’ is great and it can help me look young. I really like how she challenges me and it’s healthy family competition. Jenna admits that her selfie obsession is so extreme that she puts on her make-up on the night before and sleeps propped up so it doesn’t smudge, making sure she’s camera-ready when she wakes up. She also sports activities a fairly risque wardrobe – something that her child is significantly less than happy about. I’m a psychological wreck! Share The continues: ‘Most people mistake Chloe for my sister and I really like that.

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We look a lot like each other and I dress the same as her. Chloe hates that and constantly tells me to dress more ‘mumsy’. Jenna continues: ‘I haven’t been seen by anyone without make-up for almost a decade and my idea of natural is not using false eyelashes. I really don’t caution if people think that’s crazy.

I feel safe in my make-up. Despite Jenna’s best efforts, she admits that Chloe presently retains the crown for typically the most popular selfies still. Chloe gets more wants on her selfies than me always. But my pictures are enhancing and it’s making me really push myself,’ says Jenna. We both take our selfies very seriously. In fact possessing a selfie together is rare for us.

We both use different filter systems and Chloe hates the filter I use and refuses to pose with me unless we use her filter. I must snap a selfie with my filtration system with her in it when she isn’t looking. Chloe, who’s in Year 10 at college and has a make-up collection well worth more than £2000, claims her mom is disturbing and says she doesn’t like it when these are recognized incorrectly as sisters.

She says: ‘Mum’s constantly checking on my selfies. She competes with me, not the other way around. I have even clogged her from my Facebook. I cannot believe what she appears like in her pictures and I tell her to dress sensibly and to stop capturing she thinks are sexy.

She is so awkward. We’re constantly arguing over who is the owner of what make-up, selfie, and brushes mirror. Mum’s always sneaking into my room to consider things so she can look better. I am building a business on Instagram. I wish to do make-up tutorials and incorporate my Instagram with a blog.

Jenna WardThe teenager proceeds: ‘She’s always asking me could get so many warts on my pictures as well as how to tag in more folks on hers. I think I’m the mom sometimes. Parents think they understand the selfie culture however they just don’t. For example, my friends and I remove selfies if they don’t really get a certain amount of moves, mum doesn’t realize why I do.

Mum gets excited by 5 likes. Chloe says she enjoys the make-up and alwaysuses a primer, base and a placing spray. She spends at least half a full hour, shading her eyes. I use fake eyelashes and wear them to college daily. So when it comes to dealing with unwanted attention, Chloe is firm about quickly eliminating them. Anyone who sends me rude messages I block. Because I am 15 doesn’t suggest I don’t recognize a potential pervert. I do not take any rubbish.