The Shoots I've Done Lately However 1

The Shoots I’ve Done Lately However

Hello, my lovely fans! I’ve wished to expand my stock portfolio for some time now and do more “natural” and fashion type shoots as I haven’t done many, ones that have left me happy enough to use anyway especially. The shoots I’ve done lately however, have been with amazing photographers and models so it is really helped the cause! This shoot involved two models (Laura and Alicia) who happened to have similar colored red hair (unplanned). It exercised well as we’re able to take some “twin/sister” like photos with fur jackets and other winter pieces given by vintage clothing collector Demelza of Harper & Eye.

This shoot involved a Canadian professional photographer Darren who was simply down in London, stylish Pash and experienced model Kasia; Pash used high fashion and vintage labels, styled for street fashion photography. Locations included Regent Street, Trafalgar Square, Camden Lock, and Carnaby Street. This was an extremely quick fashion/H&M-type capture to update model Nicole’s portfolio and involved shooting around the business enterprise end of London; Bank and Monument.

The makeup was as natural as you can, which is great for my portfolio too as most of the makeup is dramatic/colourful. The photographer Dan was very efficient and managed to get some great closeup shots that looked like they had been shot in a studio; impressive! I really do have another two more shoots’ pictures to come, so I’m going to be posting them when poss! With that said, there’s something about “organized” and “pretty” makeup that make me love the transformations I really do frequently, so I will not be giving that up ever I don’t believe!

Thanks for coming by and for your response. There really aren’t words for the pleasure a grandchild brings, are there? Though we thought BE might be the caboose, our newest is expected in March. Have added some info to this hub that I’ve been meaning to add on each one of the hubs in this little series. If you’re unfamiliar with Favorite Poems Old and New, you could get a copy to share when your grands visit. Congrats on the special little blessing again. I have no idea why, but I’ve not been getting notifications when a hub is released by you?

I noticed a comment you made on another Hubber’s hub, and it made me wonder if you’d released anything lately, and you had! I, too, was blessed with another grandson back last Christmas, or a couple of days after, and I can’t even describe the joy that baby provides me.

I now have four grandchildren, two ladies, and two guys. When my first grandson was about to be born, I wrote something similar to this, and now, Personally I think bad I didn’t do it for my new little sweetheart. Grands are grand certainly! Thank you very much for your feedback on this pub! It’s exciting to check out the lines from the perspective of empowering BE when he can read. RTalloni, I admire works of poetry focused on specific people, to family members especially, and to the grandchildren most specially. BE and all others will be thrilled when they can read them.

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Who will not be empowered reading “Resolve is written on your thoughtful face?” I love it. Many thanks for arriving by to read and for your congrats kindly. Putting our creative work out in public areas can be intimidating so I appreciate the comment. Have just returned from going to all my grands and have had the opportunity to get to know little BE better in order I refine the poem I may add to it. You so right-they away do take our breath.

Thank you for your kind greetings. Sorry it’s used so long for me personally to reply but I am planing a trip to visit my grands. Thank you for arriving by! Such a pleasant tribute to your new grandson. Congratulations. Enjoyed your poem. How blessed baby is to perhaps you have wish God’s blessings upon the new lease of life.

The pleasure and wonder and blessing of the newbie take my breath away every time. Hugs and like to each of you as you relish this new second. RTalloni Best Wishes on a fresh grandson. You are blessed truly, I miss expecting near. Considered archaic too often, even today it is really worth reading and learning.